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Each Friday the children of Anson take to the stage to share some of their learning. Sometimes this is a factual assembly, sometimes this is dramatic but it's always uniquely Anson. 


You can watch the assemblies from 2017 to 2018 by clicking the links below. The newest video is always first. You may need your LGfL username (USO) to view the videos outside of school.  

He's a scary crocodile with scary teeth that go snap! Snap! Snap! But what will make him change his ways in this assembly by Queen's Class?


The children in Roundwood took to the stage to tell us all about the power of our 5 senses. Which one is your favourite?


The children in Hampstead told the story of the Little Red Hen in a way that only the children at Anson can. 


This was the second performance of the day from Greenwich and Richmond. It brought the children in the afternoon Nursery to the Anson stage to tell the story of Whoops-a-Daisy Angel. 


The children in Reception and Nursery performed the Out of the Ark production of Whoops-a-Daisy Angel. 


The traditional opening to the Christmas season comes courtesy of Battersea with The Mummers' Play. 


It's the 1st of December and the season of Christmas is upon us. Class Kensington celebrated the well loved Clement Moore poem to open the festivities at Anson. 




Mapesbury went for a stroll in the deep dark wood to bring us the story of The Gruffalo, complete with their own remix of The Gruffalo song. 


Regent's took to the stage to tell everyone a great little story all about Anansi. In this story the little trickster does not succeed. Instead the tiger comes out on top!


Victoria have been studying World War II. Their assembly told us all about the impact of war and gave us all a chance to remember. 


Class Alexandra performed during the festival of Diwali and told the story of Rama and Sita. 


For Black History Week the children in Hyde tell the story of Henry Brown and his fight to be as free as a bird. 


Highbury told the story of a china rabbit who travels through the hands of several owners. This is part one of the story. Later in the year the tale will be completed.


This is the story written by Dr Seuss. The assembly is a reminder to have aspiration and, no matter how hard it gets, keep on going!