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We are delighted to introduce the Apple Teachers working at the Brent Apple Regional Training Centre. 


Simon Pile    

Simon has been working at Anson Primary School since 2001. He has overseen a change in the way technology is used throughout the school.

As an Apple Distinguished Educator Simon is recognised as a leader of creativity and innovation using Apple technology. He has written iBooks on subjects such as augmented reality, filmmaking, science and e-safety with over 600,000 copies downloaded in schools around the world. As an ADE and Apple Teacher he is experienced in delivering training to teachers around the world. Find out more on





Abigail Murray  

Abigail is the Computing Leader at Anson Primary School.

Abigail works in the Early Years at Anson Primary School and has utilised Apple technology to give the youngest learners the opportunity to be creators rather than consumers. As an Apple Teacher and Google Certified Educator she has been pivotal in the change to remote learning throughout the school. As a course facilitator at the Brent Apple Regional Training Centre, Abigail offers an EYFS perspective using iPad and advice on how to transform learning beyond the classroom using a range of products.