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Zumba Challenge

The Great Zumba Challenge - join us by June 1st!

Are you ready for the Zumba Challenge?


Miss Garcia has filmed a great routine for everyone in the school community to try and learn or follow. 


The challenge is to film yourself doing the zumba routine. 


You can film yourself on your own, with your family, dressed up as your favourite character or in disguise.


Film yourself and ask a grown up to send your video to


We will then edit together all your videos into one 'epic' Anson zumba routine. 


As the music says, "we feel better when we're dancing" so keeeeeeeep dancing!


Watch the routine on Anson TV by clicking the link below. 

How do I send my film?


You film may be too big for an email so please ask a grown up to send your film to using WeTransfer. The link is below.