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Windrush Day

Windrush Day


Take a look at these photographs, what can you see? 




On Monday 22nd June, we celebrate Windrush day. This is a special day to remember all the people from the Caribbean, who were invited to the UK to help rebuild the country after the War.



The Empire Windrush was the ship that carried more than 500 people from the Caribbean to the UK. People on board this ship were mainly from Jamaica, but there were also people from Poland, Trinidad and Tobago and Bermuda. Many of the people from the Caribbean that came were not treated with the respect they deserved and some British people did not want them to be here in the UK.


Here are some ideas of ways that you can celebrate Windrush day at home. Remember to share your work on the school blog


Time to Get Creative 


Design a ship 


Many Caribbean’s travelled on the HMT Empire Windrush ship from Jamaica all the way the Tilbury here in England. Design your own ship, you can make a ship, use lego, draw it on paper or even on a tablet. If you were going on a long trip what would you bring with you?



What makes me special?

Many people travelling on the Windrush had skills that they could use to help them in their new life in the UK. Every person is special and has something to offer in our world today. What makes you special? What are you good at? Is there anything new that you have learnt during your time at home?



Sesame Street: What Makes You Special?



Kitchen fun


If you have loved spending time in the kitchen with your families, you could make something special for Windrush day. You could make a Jamaican ginger cake or even make a healthy carrot juice or a tropical fruit salad.


Our world

Using google maps, a globe or a picture of the world. Where are we on the map? What country do we live in? Can you find the Caribbean? Have you heard of any islands in the Caribbean? 


One fact

We know that you are all great at learning new things. Why not learn one fact about the Caribbean and share it on the blog. Many passengers on the Windrush were from Jamaica. Can you find out a fact about Jamaica eg What is the national bird? What is the weather like? Or what their flag looks like?



London Is The Place For Me



Sesame Street: I'm Really Glad I'm Me





For the children in Year 5&6 (and the adults at home) this book, by the Windrush Foundation, highlights 70 of the pioneers and champions that have contributed, and continue to contribute, to the well-being and prosperity of Great Britain. 

Marking Contributions


One way to remember the contribution of someone who has helped to make the country a better place is to remember their contribution. There are lots of examples of  special stamps or images of people on bank notes to celebrate achievement.


There are a very small number of people commemorated in this way from the Windrush generation. Use the book to find someone whose story connects with you, someone who had been a pioneer or a champion. Design and make a banknote, stamp, model of a statue or a short film about this person. 


Share your final product on the blog.