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Week Six (11th May)

Hello everyone,


How are you all?  We're really missing you all and hoping we can see each other soon.  


This week's work is below, keep up all your hard work. 


It has been lovely to speak to some of you already last week.  We've been calling you all, but for some of you we haven't managed to catch you yet.  We look forward to the chance to chat with you about how you are.


Well done to everyone who's been on the blog this week.  Are you going to join us there?  We'd love to hear how you're getting on.  Remember to login first to see all of the posts and to make your own posts.  


Also - don't forget to sign up for the music page so you can join the fun with Miss Humphris and Miss Morris.  


A massive WELL DONE to Rayan for making it to second in the Most Improved charts for the whole school in TTRS!  Very impressive!


See you all soon - on the blog we hope, and hope to speak soon too!



Mrs Williams and Mr Bradfield

Please log in to Spelling Shed and complete the set word lists. The words for this week are set out below. If you do not have access to Spelling Shed complete a Look, Cover, Write, Check activity.


Mr Bradfield and Mrs Williams's groups


Miss Gashi's phonics group



Read a book!  A new one, a borrowed one, an old favourite, just read!  Then discuss the book together (see some good questions below).  If you're not sure what a word means, please use a dictionary to find out.


If you've read a really good book since school has closed, why not write a book review on our school blog?   Your parents were texted your login.

Weekly Focus: Red Riding Hood

Read this story.

Talk about this story with your family.  Act out the story.  You could make the characters from the story and use those to re-tell the story.

Try writing down your own version of the story during this week!


Extra challenge:  Can you write a different version of the story?  Maybe you could change the characters, or the setting or the ending?  Feeling creative?  Why not make your own masks or puppets of the characters?  


Seesaw:  If you'd like to you could share your learning on Seesaw.  Login to Seesaw using your home learning code.  Add your work to the Class Journal.  You could take a photo or video of your work or write onto Seesaw directly.   



Warm up:  Play Hit the Button or Daily 10 to improve your number facts.


We are now moving over to using White Rose lesson resources for your maths at home, which is the same scheme as we use at school. This week is Week 4 of the Summer term resources.  Click here and choose  Summer Term Week 4.  There is a lesson each day as well as an activity to do.


Mrs W's maths group - don't forget your daily Seesaw Problem of the Day!  Login to Seesaw and choose Activities, and Add Response.

Just follow these five easy steps…


  1. Visit the White Rose Website here
  2. Click on the set of lessons for your child’s year group.
  3. Watch the video (either on your own or with your child).
  4. Find a calm space where your child can work for about 20-30 minutes.
  5. Use the video guidance to support your child as they work through a lesson.


There are four lessons each week.  There is a video with a teacher giving you instructions and an activity to complete. You can download all the activities for this week below.

Want more?   BBC Bitesize are now providing lessons linked to the White Rose topics, so you can go there for more learning linked to the maths topic for the week.


If you do not have access to the internet try this home activity:


Addition and subtraction:  Continue to practice adding and subtracting 2 digit numbers using a variety of different methods.  You could use the Place Value Grid method, the Number line method, or any other method that you know.  Can you write an addition or subtraction story or word problem to match your calculation?  Use what you know about place value and bonds to 10 to learn your bonds to 100. 


Seesaw:  If you have a Class Login to Seesaw you can access extra maths activities.  Login to Seesaw using your home learning code and go to Activities.  Why not complete a Problem of the Day?  Remember to record how you worked it out as a drawing, photo or voice recording.


TT Rockstars

Login to TT Rockstars and see if you can improve your time. 


Miss Humphris has been busy online providing you lots of music lesson resources.  You parents need to register to access the page, and then you'll be able to do all of her activities.  Instructions are here.  See below for a preview video about the website from Mrs Williams.

BMS Showcase for Anson


Maddie Moate goes Live on Youtube is fantastic.  If you aren't already tuning in, take a look this week and join the fun. 


11am Live Monday to Friday, or catch up later on. 


You can also watch all of the previous episodes.  Enjoy!


Children need regular breaks and exercise. If you have a safe outdoor space please ensure you get some fresh air and exercise. If you do not have an outdoor space try one of the dance or HITT videos below.  Or if you want a half hour children's workout to wake you up, at 9am every weekday try this:



If you accidentally missed it, you can go back later in the day to watch the video.  No excuses now!

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