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Week 1 (1st June)

Week beginning June 1st 2020


It is very important that the children do not start these activities until after the half term break.


I hope you all had a smashing half term and are ready to get back to some awesome learning. Well done for keeping motivated and organised. These are great life skills! Remember, most of the activities can be completed on normal paper, so access to a printer is not essential. Also, the offline activities are for everyone, so please have a go at them even if you have internet access!



Once again, all children can use Teach Your Monster to ReadOxford Owl and Phonics Play to practise phonics. Here are some further activities for each group:


Mrs Gebara: tricky words


First, watch these videos to revise your tricky words:

Tricky Words Song for I, go, to, no, is, the


Tricky Words and Sight Words Song


Phase 3 Tricky Words Song


Now have a go at these activities:


Offline: Write a short sentence using each of your phase 2 tricky words. 




Miss Belhadj: igh


First, watch these videos to revise the "igh" sound:

Phonics: The 'igh' sound


igh Words | Phase 3 Phonics


Now have a go at these activities:



Offline: Write a short sentence using each of these "igh" words: 


bright, flight, night, sight, might, tights, high

Miss Dixon / Mrs Brosnan / Mrs Qureshi: igh, ie, i-e


First, watch these videos to revise these sounds:

Phonics - igh Words


Phonics - ie Words


Phonics - i-e Words


Now have a go at these activities:


After that you can listen to the story of Katie in London:



Offline: Pretend that you have been for a day out in London. Write about what you saw, what you did, where you ate and who you were with. Underline each time you use any of this week's sounds!


Extra challenge: Chat with an adult about how you can use rhyming to help you figure out which sound to use. For example:


like, bike, Mike, spike

night, light, sight, bright

five, alive, arrive, thrive


Can you make any more groups like this?

Why is the word "give" a bit of a tricky word?



Weekly Focus: New Story


We all love to read and we all have our favourite books that we read over and over again, which is great! Here are some of my favourite children's books that I have read many times:



What are your favourites? This week, read a story that you haven't read before. Remember to use your phonics strategies to tackle unfamiliar words and to read with fluency and expression. For practice, have a go at reading these sentences and think about how you can use your voice and body language to help convey meaning.


Joan was sitting on top the biggest mountain in the entire world.


"Let me out!" he shouted from the window.


I tiptoed ever so quietly to my room.


After you have read your story a couple of times, use the reading prompts to have a discussion about the book with an adult. Here are some further activities to try:


1. Make a poster to persuade your friends to read the story. Include lots of pictures and information about why you liked it!


2. Act out the story with your family. Think about how we do this activity in the classroom to help you with ideas.



Weekly Focus: Questions


Have a close look at these pictures:



Some of them are very strange! Have a chat with an adult or sibling about what these pictures make you wonder about and then write two questions about each picture. Make sure you start each question with a question word:



Make sure you finish each question with a question mark:



Try to make your questions as interesting and creative as possible. Remember, we are writing questions, not answers. You can discuss possible answers if you like, but the focus should be on coming up with great, thought-provoking questions. Here are two of my questions:


How did the planets get stuck on the abacus?


Why isn't there a sign at the bottom of the stairs so that people know what's at the top?

Extra Challenge: Write a letter to a friend, asking how they are and what they have been doing. Think about what else you would like to know. Try to include six questions!



Weekly Focus: Measurement (continued)


The daily maths learning is taken from White Rose Maths. There are four lessons for the week. Follow these steps to access the learning


  1. Visit the White Rose Website for Year 1
  2. Select the correct week: Summer Term – Week 6 (w/c 1st June)
  3. Watch the video for the day's lesson with your child
  4. Complete the activity for that day and find a calm space where your child can work for about 20-30 minutes


Here are the activities and answers for the four lessons:



Head over to BBC Bitesize for more activities on mass.


Offline: Here are some activities to try at home:


1. Choose a selection of your favourite toys and line them up in order of mass, starting with the one you think is the heaviest and ending with the lightest. Can we know for sure just by looking at them? How can we make sure the order is correct? Think about how we measure or compare mass and what we could use.


2. Experiment with capacity by collecting a range of containers (cups, jars, bowls, buckets etc). Here are some questions to investigate:


Which container holds the most water?

Which container holds the least water?

Find two cups which are similar in size but different in shape. How will you work out which one has the greater capacity?


Have fun, but be sensible with water! Ask an adult for permission before you borrow items.



Who has done Miss Garcia's zumba challenge? Have a go at her amazing routine:


Popcorn and the Pirates | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!


Just Dance Disney Party Were All in This Together