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Week beginning 4th May

Week Commencing Monday 4th May 2020


Please log in to Spelling Shed and complete this week’s word list. The words for this week are set out below. If you do not have access to Spelling Shed, complete the ‘Look, Cover, Write, Check’ activity.

 Group 1 Group 2
























Have a go at the spelling Kahoot! for last week’s spellings.

Click this link:

or use the challenge code: 04176663


Good luck!



Reading - Group 1

'Goodnight Mr Tom' by Michelle Magorian. 


This week is a big read: chapters four, five and six! 

As always, you might like to read alone or with an adult and discuss the ideas contained in the story. If there is anything that you don't understand, please try to find someone to ask, or post your questions on the school blog or the class Padlet. (Some of you have already been doing this and, in doing so, you will certainly have helped other people with their understanding.)

As you read, you might like to refer to the reading prompts.

Remember to keep checking your understanding as you read; our reading focus this week is Clarifying.

Here are some questions specific to the text, which you might like to think about:

  • Vocabulary: What is a haversack? What were 'farthing chews'? (Indeed, what was a farthing?) What is a cobbler? What is a draper?
  • Why is Tom so surprised at himself for offering to read the comic to William?
  • What does it mean to say that someone has 'left a deposit'?
  • What does it mean if someone is jaundiced?
  • Flannel and corduroy are two different types of fabric. What is the difference? Could you tell them apart?
  • The draper looks at William and disappointedly says, "There's not a lot of 'im, his there?" Why is the draper disappointed?
  • Why did Rachel want to paint the sky?
  • How does William feel when he looks in the shop window?

    How do you know?

  • Why do you think Emilia Thorne was astonished to see Tom with William?

  • At one point, Tom says, "One has to do one's dooty, don't one?" What does Tom mean by this? (By 'dooty' he means 'duty'.)

  • At this point in the story, how do you think Tom feels about William?


Reading - Group 2


During World War 2, many children were sent away from their parents in the big cities to live with strangers in the country, where it was safer. These children were called evacuees. Click on the link below to read a story about a child being evacuated from London. This story is made up but could have been true for many thousands of children during the war. 

You can read through this story with an adult and discuss the questions.









1)  Replace 'said' with a better word:

  • “Oh no, not more homework,” said the children.
  • “Wow! A new bike!” said George.
  • “I’m going to turn you into a frog,” said the witch.
  • “I’ve lost my mummy,” said the little girl.


2) Complete each sentence in an interesting way. (Remember that a fronted adverbial is followed by a comma.)

  • Grabbing my …
  • Nervously …
  • Carefully …
  • Rushing in …


3) Work independently to punctuate these sentences correctly. (Remember to add capital letters where they are required.)

  • you are horrid henry cried moody Margaret
  • marching into the room henry demanded where are my underpants
  • have you seen my homework asked perfect peter






Use this picture as inspiration. You can write a short story, a setting description, a diary entry, ... anything you wish. Just make sure that you follow the non-negotiables: basic sentence punctuation, paragraphing, and neat, legible handwriting.



Today, you should edit and redraft your writing from yesterday.

Remember that there are two main features of editing: correcting and improving.

Look out for basic mistakes in punctuation, spelling and grammar. Also look for ways in which you might improve your text.

When you have finished, you might like to post your work on the Anson Blog.



Have you ever read any of the 'Horrid Henry' books? If not, click on the link below to read the first Horrid Henry story: 'Horrid Henry's Perfect Day'.


Or you might like to click on this link to watch one of the Horrid Henry Stories on youtube:

What is the basic idea (theme) of the books?

Of which characters from other books and stories does Henry remind you?

Today, you are going to think about the characters of Horrid Henry and Perfect Peter and describe them. Firstly, jot down as many words and ideas as you can to describe each character. Think about their appearance, their attitude and their character. Also think about why people might like or sympathise with them (and what people might dislike about each of them). Then, expand your ideas to write complete character descriptions.


A preposition is a linking word in a sentence, used to show where things are in time or space.


prepositional phrase usually begins with a preposition, which is followed by a noun or pronoun and may include an adjective. It does not include the verb.


e.g. Aerobic Al ran beside the river.


The prepositional phrase is ‘beside the river’.

The preposition is ‘beside’ and the object of the sentence (a noun) is the river.


Make up sentences that include prepositional phrases.

Use Horrid Henry's classmates’ names to start the sentence:

  • Fiery Fiona shouted...
  • Weepy William cried...
  • Jazzy Jim drummed ...
  • Vain Violet brushed her hair...

Compose some more sentences that contain preposition phrases  about characters from 'Horrid Henry'.



Look at the picture below and write a description of this setting from 'Horrid Henry'. Think about how this room would smell and what you might hear, as well as the look of the room. Try to come up with some original descriptions that include prepositional phrases to describe it.



(Weekly Focus: Multiplying and Dividing 2 and 3 Digit Numbers )


Follow these steps:


  • Click on the link to the White Rose Maths home learning videos and activities.



  • On the right hand side of the page, click on Home Learning - Year 4.
  • Click on Summer Term - Week 3 (w/c 4 May)
  • There is a video for each day, Monday to Thursday, and then a challenge for Friday.
  • Watch today's video (either on your own or with someone who can help you with your learning) and answer the questions on the worksheets as you are prompted to do so.


There are no expectations for you to hand in your work but you may want to share it on the school blog!



TT Rockstars

Login to TT Rockstars and see if you can improve your time. Make sure that you complete at least 3 sound checks every day.



Children need regular breaks and exercise. If you have a safe outdoor space, please ensure you get some fresh air and exercise. If you do not have an outdoor space, try following the routine in this video.

Joe Wicks is running a 30 minute PE session Monday to Friday at 9:00am. Click here to direct you to The Body Coach page on YouTube. Happy exercising!


Brent Music Service - fabulous music learning


Parents - watch this video to see what the BMS Music'sCool website is like, and click on this link to register for access to it.

BMS Showcase for Anson