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Week 6 (6th July)

Week beginning July 6th 2020




Phase 2: Revision


This week, revise your sounds using this sound mat:



Can you name all of the sounds and do the actions to match? You can watch this video to remind yourselves of the actions:

Jolly Phonics | Sounds and Actions

Can you think of and write a word using each of your sounds? Some of the sounds can come at the beginning of the word but others might have to come in the middle or at the end.


Now have a go at reading these words. Add the sound buttons to help you with your digraphs.

Phase 3: ear / air


First, watch these videos to revise these sounds:

ear Words | Phase 3 Phonics | Trigraph

air Words | Phase 3 Phonics

Next, write down as many ear and air words as you can in two minutes. Underline your trigraphs and read over your words afterwards.


Then, have a go at this activity, matching the words to the pictures:

Phase 5: Revision


First, use the sound mat below to revise your sounds and actions:



Next, have a go at reading my list of a mixture of real and alien words:



Then, write your own list of alien words using your Phase 5 sounds. Challenge an adult or sibling to read them!



Read a book, any book! Discuss the book by asking questions and talking about themes. Write down any unfamiliar words and look them up in a dictionary. Head to this page to find comprehension questions.

Extra challenge: Read a book to a family member and come up with your own questions to ask them! Make sure they really understood the story. Use question words (who, when, what, where, how and why).




Weekly Focus: Goldilocks and the Three Dinosaurs


This week, we are returning to our dinosaur theme from earlier in the year and looking at this hilarious version of the story of Goldilocks! First we need to get to know the story. You can do this by:


Watching this video on Youtube:

Goldilocks and the Three Dinosaurs | Dinosaurs for Kids READ ALOUD!

And by watching this class assembly of the story from a few years ago:


Now discuss the story and act it out with your family!


Then you'll be ready to write a retelling of the story in your own words. Here are some resources to support you:

This is my absolute favourite children's book, so I would love to see your work on the blog if you are able to share it!



The daily maths learning is taken from White Rose Maths. There are four lessons for the week. Follow these steps to access the learning


  1. Visit the White Rose Website for Year 1
  2. Select the correct week: Summer Term – Week 11 (w/c 6th July)
  3. Watch the video for the day's lesson with your child
  4. Complete the activity for that day and find a calm space where your child can work for about 20-30 minutes


Here are the activities and answers for the four lessons:


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