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Week 5 (29th June)

Week beginning June 29th 2020




As always, all children can use Teach Your Monster to ReadOxford Owl and Phonics Play to practise phonics. Here are some further activities for each phase:


Phase 2: b, d


First, watch these videos to practise your sounds:

Letter /d/ Sound - Phonics by TurtleDiary

Phonics - Letter /b/ Sound

Next, have a go at writing the words you have learned and have a go at the following activities:

Phase 3: ow, oi


First, watch these videos to revise your sounds:

Ow Sound Phonics


Phase 3 Phonics | oi Digraph

Now, have a go at writing the words you have learned and then have a go at the following activities:

Phase 5: High Frequency Words


Warm-up: Tricky Word Trucks


First, have a look at this word mat and revise your high frequency words. Can you read them all? Which ones do you find tricky?

Some of them are easy to read but tricky to write because the spelling are unusual. Next, choose 10 words from the list and practise writing them by writing sentences containing those words.


Now, have a go at these activities:



This week, read a different story each day and make a chart to keep a record. It might look like this:


This chart is easy to make with a pencil and ruler but you can print this template if you would like:

Throughout the week, discuss similarities and differences between the books you have read. Which was your favourite? 



Weekly Focus: Daily Routine


This week, we are continuing to focus on sequencing events and using time connectives. Write a description of your daily routine by following these steps:


1. Make a list of the activities you do every day. It might start like this:


1. Wake up

2. Brush teeth and shower

3. Have breakfast

4. Maths with Mummy

5. Snack time


2. Now have a look at these time connectives and discuss their meanings with an adult:


3. Now write out your daily routine in sentences and try to use time connectives to make your writing flow. 


4. Illustrate your writing with little pictures of each part of your day!



The daily maths learning is taken from White Rose Maths. There are four lessons for the week. Follow these steps to access the learning


  1. Visit the White Rose Website for Year 1
  2. Select the correct week: Summer Term – Week 10 (w/c 29th June)
  3. Watch the video for the day's lesson with your child
  4. Complete the activity for that day and find a calm space where your child can work for about 20-30 minutes


Here are the activities and answers for the four lessons:



Do the Dino



Go Go Mango


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