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Week 4 27/04/20

Week Three


Monday 27th April - Friday 1st May


Below are your home learning activities for this week. Some of the tasks may require you to leave the school website to access the resource. If you are unable to access these, don't worry -  complete the offline home activity instead. 






Focus: Converting nouns or adjectives into verbs using the suffix -ise















  • Complete a Look, Cover, Write, Check activity to learn your spellings.
  • Practise writing the words using your best handwriting, either on the sheet below or on a piece of paper or notebook
  • Can you find the words in the wordsearch below?
  • Use a dictionary or dictionary app to find the meanings of the words.  Can you use them in a sentence? 



Focus: Summarising


Summarising is expressing the main ideas of a piece of text in a concise way. 


We summarise to make sure we understand the main ideas of what we have read. 


Good summaries should:

  • be short and concise
  • include the main ideas without lots of detail
  • be in a logical order


Click on the link below to read a non-fiction text about the planet Mars.  Have a go at answering the comprehension questions. You can check your answers once you have finished.

Discuss what you have read with a member of your family.  Use some of the summarising stems below.  



Can you summarise, in writing, the key ideas from:


  • The section titled 'Why Mars?'
  • The section titled 'The Mars Rover'
  • The whole text


You might like to share some of your summaries on the school blog.  


What else can you find out about the planet Mars? 

Do some research and choose some paragraphs to summarise.  Make sure you use your own words and that you understand what you are reading and writing.  


Offline activity:

Read a book! A new book, an old book, any book!  Tell someone about a chapter or section you have just read.  Can you summarise the main ideas?  Write your summaries on a piece of paper or in a notebook.  



Focus: Speech marks (also called inverted commas)


Click here to access the BBC Bitesize lesson on inverted commas/speech marks.  

Watch the videos and complete Activity 1 - highlighting the words.


Activity 2


Find an animal picture and imagine you are writing a story about it.  You could use one of these or find your own.  


Turn the picture into a story by describing what is happening.  Make sure you include dialogue (speech) between the characters that is accurately punctuated with inverted commas/speech marks.  


Re-read and edit your story.  Check your non-negotiables. 

  • Have you used exciting adjectives and powerful verbs?
  • Have you used an interesting range of sentence openers and structures?
  • Have you used a variety of words for 'said'?  Use the word bank below to help up-level your writing.


Activity 3

Be the teacher by having a go at Activity 3 on the BBC bitesize page or try one of the tasks below to practise your super speech mark skills!

Offline activities:

See Activity 2 above - you could use one of these pictures to inspire you or find a picture in a newspaper or magazine of two or more people or animals.  It could even be the cover of a book.   Write a story including dialogue based on the picture you have chosen.





Click here to access the White Rose Maths Home Learning page where you will find your daily tasks for this week. This week you will need: Summer Term – Week 2 (w/c 27 April). 


Just follow these five easy steps…


  1. Visit the White Rose Website here
  2. Click on the set of lessons for your child’s year group.
  3. Watch the video (either on your own or with your child).
  4. Find a calm space where your child can work for about 20-30 minutes.
  5. Use the video guidance to support your child as they work through a lesson.


There are four lessons each week

There is a video with a teacher giving you instructions and then an activity to download. You can download all the activities for this week below.


Monday: Adding decimals with the same number of decimal places

Tuesday: Subtracting decimals with the same number of decimal places

Wednesday: Adding decimals with a different number of decimal places

Thursday: Subtracting decimals with a different number of decimal places

Friday: Maths Challenge


Offline Activities:

  • If you are unable to access the online resources you could try to find a shopping receipt and explore decimals by adding together items from the shopping list. Try some with the same number of decimal places and some with a different number of decimal places.  Choose two different items and subtract the smaller number from the larger to find the difference in price.  

Log in to TT Rockstars and see if you can improve your time. Don’t forget to take part in the battle for your class or year group.


Offline Activities:

Practise your times tables and do a speed test and seeing how many you can write sums in one minute. You will need to write out your questions before starting. Like so:

1 x 9 = 

2 x 9 = 

3 x 9 = 

and so on. You can mix up the sums instead of doing it in order - the choice is yours! Try to improve your time each day.  If you are confident with all of your times tables, have a go at the related division facts.


If you have a safe outdoor space, please ensure you get some fresh air and exercise regularly this week.


Join the nation and take part in Joe Wicks Live P.E session. Click here to access his YouTube page which will be broadcasting the videos every day this week at 9:00AM. Remember if you can't take part, Joe uploads the session on his YouTube account to complete at a later time.


Offline Activities:

  • Warm up with a light jog around your home or on the spot for 5 minutes. Then try the moves below for a minute each, with a 30 second rest in-between.
  • star jump
  • forward lunges (left leg)
  • forward lunges (right leg) 
  • push ups
  • squats
  • plank