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Week 3 (15th June)

Week beginning June 15th 2020


This week we are delighted to welcome some of you back to school. For those who are not returning, the home learning will continue and will cover the same material that is being taught in school.




As always, all children can use Teach Your Monster to ReadOxford Owl and Phonics Play to practise phonics. Here are some further activities for each phase:


Phase 2: c, k, ck


First, watch these videos to practise your sounds:

'c' Words | Phonics | Initial Sounds

Phonics - Learn to Read | The Letter 'K'

Letter Sounds | Learn the /ck/ Digraph

Now have a go at writing the words you have learned and have a go at the following activities:

Phase 3: ur, er


First, watch these videos to revise your sounds:

Phase 3 Phonics | ur Digraph

'er' Words | Phonics Phase 3

Now, have a go at writing the words you have learned and then have a go at the following activities:

Phase 5: ur, er, ir


First, watch the following videos to revise your sounds:

Sound the Same | er ir ur

Learning ir / ur / er sounds

ir - Phonics

Now, head over to Oak Academy and listen to this poem:



Next, make groups of rhyming words using the sounds from this week. Here are some of mine:


dirt, hurt, skirt, blurt

burning, turning, churning

taller, smaller, caller


Finally, practise your Year 1 spellings using this epic spelling booklet:



Weekly Focus: Poetry


This week we will be talking about poetry and rhyme. Have a chat with an adult about what you think a poem is. We will be focusing on a poem called All About Me


First, read the poem or ask an adult to read it to you. Think about the rhythm of the poem and read it a few times until you know it inside out. There are a few ways to view the poem below:

Next, identify the pairs of rhyming words at the end of each line. Here are the first two pairs:


true, blue

catch, match


Now, have a go at answering these comprehension questions:

Finally, explore poetry further by reading some other rhyming poems. Perhaps you have some on your bookshelves at home. Otherwise, here are some links:



Family Friendly Poems


Extra Challenge: For those children who had started to learn to join their letters at school earlier this year, have a go at practising your handwriting using this poem as a guide. Here are the practice sheets:



Weekly Focus: Poetry


This week, we will be using the All About Me poem from the reading task to help us to write our own poems. Follow these steps to create your masterpiece:


1. Make some rough notes about your hobbies and group them in rhymes. Your notes may look something like this:



2. Use the ideas in your notes to write your own All About Me poem. You might like to use the original poem as a template and just change a few words and phrases. Others may wish to write a poem from scratch. Remember to start each line with a capital letter. Don't worry too much about other punctuation! Here is my short example:


3. Read your poem aloud and make any changes that you feel are necessarily to give your poem better rhythm.


4. Copy your final poem out in neat and decorate it!



Weekly Focus: Multiplication and Division


The daily maths learning is taken from White Rose Maths. There are four lessons for the week. Follow these steps to access the learning


  1. Visit the White Rose Website for Year 1
  2. Select the correct week: Summer Term – Week 8 (w/c 15th June)
  3. Watch the video for the day's lesson with your child
  4. Complete the activity for that day and find a calm space where your child can work for about 20-30 minutes


Here are the activities and answers for the four lessons:


5 Minute Move | Kids Workout 1 | The Body Coach TV

ZUMBA KIDS - Electronic Song - Minions

Colonel Crockles the Crocodile | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!