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Week 2 (8th June)

Week beginning June 8th 2020


It was lovely to speak to you all again last week and to hear about all the hard work that is happening at home. I know it can be tricky to work at home but keep it up if you can!




As always, all children can use Teach Your Monster to ReadOxford Owl and Phonics Play to practise phonics. Here are some further activities for each group:


Mrs Gebara: CVC Words


Watch these videos to practise sounding out and blending CVC words:

CVC Words | Phonics Phase 2

CVC Words

Phonics Blending Song CVC Words

Have a go at writing some of the words you learned. Here are some further resources that may be helpful:

Miss Belhadj: oo


First, watch these videos to revise the sound:

'oo' Words

Phase 3 Phonics | oo Digraph

Long + Short Vowels / Phonics Song

Now have a go at these activities:

Mrs Diksson / Mrs Qureshi / Mrs Brosnan: oo, ew, u-e


First, watch these videos to revise the sounds:

'oo' Words

Sound Different

Jude the Mule

Great! Now head over to Oak Academy to listen to Terrifying T-Rex:

Offline: Write your own short information text about your favourite dinosaur. How many times can you use your sounds of the week?



Weekly Focus: Favourite Characters


Do you have a favourite book character? Here are two of my favourites:

As you can see, I tend to like super smart characters! Browse your shelves and find a character you love, perhaps a particularly funny or intelligent one. Read the story a couple of times and see how much you can learn about that character.


Then, use what you have learned from the story to write a detailed description of the character. Think about any clues which suggest how clever, funny, kind or maybe naughty the character is! Remember, the story will not always tell you everything but it will give you little hints! For example, I would write that the little mouse is very intelligent because he was able to trick all of the other animals.


Aim to write six sentences about the character and draw a detailed picture as well. Use this template if you would like:



Weekly Focus: Hansel and Gretel



You may have noticed that the phonics and reading tasks this week are quite heavy on writing, so be sure to give your hand a break! Read the story of Hansel and Gretel. Remember to read with an adult if you find the words tricky:

Next, discuss the story with an adult or sibling and act it out with your family! Which character will you be?


Now you are ready to retell the story. Use the pictures from the Powerpoint to help you sequence your story correctly and try to use your own words. That house looks really yummy - can you use some amazing adjectives to describe how the house looks and smells? Here is a word mat to help you with your spellings:

Extra Challenge: What do you think of the story's ending? Perhaps in your version of Hansel and Gretel, you can change the ending and add a twist!



Weekly Focus: Counting in Groups


The daily maths learning is taken from White Rose Maths. There are four lessons for the week. Follow these steps to access the learning


  1. Visit the White Rose Website for Year 1
  2. Select the correct week: Summer Term – Week 7 (w/c 8th June)
  3. Watch the video for the day's lesson with your child
  4. Complete the activity for that day and find a calm space where your child can work for about 20-30 minutes


Here are the activities and answers for the four lessons:

Remember you can head over to BBC Bitesize for loads more resources to extend learning in maths.

I Gotta Feeling - Just Dance 2016

Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!