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Week 2 (March 30th)

Week beginning March 30th 2020


Please feel free to share any work on your class blog for me and your classmates to see!




All children can log in to Teach Your Monster to Read to practise phonics. For further phonics activities, please find your phonics group below:


Mrs Brosnan / Mrs Qureshi / Miss Dixon


This week’s focus will be on compound words. Follow these links to access videos and games that will help you learn to read and write some common compound words:



Learning Games


Check out my compound word picture puzzles! Can you solve them?

Extra challenge: Draw your own picture clues and ask a family member to guess the compound word. Maybe you can post them on your class blog and see if a friend can solve them!


Miss Belhadj


Practise the ear, air and igh trigraphs using the following resources:


Spellzone ear

Spellzone igh

Bitesize air


Extra challenge: Write a silly sentence that includes all three trigraphs!

Example: The fairy with the bright green hair nearly fell off her chair.


Mrs Gebara


Practise your phase 2 tricky words:




Can you write a short sentence using each of these words? 




Read a non-fiction book about something that interests you. Discuss the book and use a dictionary for any unfamiliar words.


Extra challenge: Make a colourful poster to show what you learned from your book and put it up in your room. Take a photo and share it on your class blog!




Weekly focus: Diary


Write a diary entry each day of this week to record what you have been up to. You could write about activities, meals and any strange or funny things that have happened! Take a photo or draw a picture to go with each entry. If you have access to a printer, you may want to use this template:



Weekly focus: Time


Warm up: Watch this video and see how quickly you can say the times.


Make a timetable for your day. What will you do at 11 o' clock? How about at 3 o' clock? Keep an eye on the clock and notice when it is showing o' clock or half past. If you can tell trickier times, practise those too. Use this template for your timetable if you like:

Some resources:



Tell Time

Maths Frame


Extra challenge: Make a clock of your own using a paper plate! Check out this page for ideas on how to make one. You know what I'm going to say: BLOG IT!




Children need regular breaks and exercise. If you have a safe outdoor space, please ensure you get some fresh air and exercise. Otherwise, have a go at one of these videos:

Just Dance Kids 2 - I'm a Gummy Bear

Squish the Fish | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!