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Tuesday 14th April

Together Tasks: Tuesday 14th April

Tuesday - Make or do a jigsaw


It's jigsaw time. Jigsaws are a great way to get your brain working and thinking strategically. I always like to start by finding all the edges of a jigsaw and then work on filling in the main sections of the image. What method do you use?


If you have a jigsaw at home then try completing it today and upload an image to our blog. 



If you don't have a jigsaw at home you can make your own. My favourite home made jigsaw is the front of a cereal box. With a grown-up, cut out the front of the box and then cut it again into squares. Can you put it back together again?



If you don't want to cut up a cereal box then try an image from a magazine instead. 


There are also some great online jigsaw puzzle makers. 

Wednesday - Play Snap


Today is all about playing Snap. If you have a pack of playing cards then you are ready to begin. Play the game matching numbers or pictures. 


If you don't have any cards you can make your own. 


Cut out 30 rectangles. 

On 20 rectangles draw 20 different things (animals, food, sport, transport).

On the last 10 cards draw 1 thing that you have already drawn on each card. 


Then you are ready to play. 

How to play SNAP!

Information Design Assignment.

Thursday - Go on a Scavenger Hunt


Have you seen our scavenger hunts? We would love to see your pictures of  your scavenger hunt. Upload them to our blog. You can also make up your own scavenger hunts. Share them with us and we'll add them to our page with your name on it.



Friday - Make a Meal Together


All this time at home is perfect for you to learn some new skills and help around the home. Today your challenge is to cook a meal together. You could help prepare the ingredients, or stir the food, or add arrange it on the plate. 


Have a go together and upload your meal to the blog.