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Sports Week 2020

Welcome to the 2020 Anson Sports Week. This is your Virtual Sports Festival One-Stop Shop. 


This is all about keeping active and having fun. We have a number of challenges for you to try and we hope you'll share how you get on at home on the blog or using the Google Forms. 


Good luck!

Let's begin with our Together Tasks...


Monday - Athletics


How many times can you jump from side to side in 60 seconds?



To complete this challenge you could...


  • lay something on the floor and make sure you always touch the object for the jump to count
  • make the side to side jump as small as possible
  • jump with two feet together 
  • change from your left to your right foot on each jump


Which method gets you the most jumps. Video your 60 seconds and send it to


Tuesday - Take Aim


Can you throw a teabag into a mug?



To complete this challenge you must...


  • throw your teabag from the same starting point
  • move your mug back after each successful attempt
  • ​​​​​​​be creative!


Try to film your teabag challenge and send in your video to so we can share your success.


​​​​​​​Wednesday - Team Up


How long can you keep an object off the ground?



​​​​​​​To complete this challenge please remember...


  • do not kick a ball around inside the home (you will break something)
  • use something soft like rolled up socks or a balloon
  • only try to keep something up that wants to fall down. 
  • count your keep-ups until the object hits the ground. 


​​​​​​​Send in your best score to the blog with a picture of you and your team in action. 


Thursday - Adventures


​​​​​​​Create a treasure hunt map at home



  • The idea is to draw a plan of your home and hide a number of objects in different places. Can someone else in your home use the map to find all the objects?


Friday - Be Artistic


Can you balance something on your body while it is in a funny positions?



For this challenge you could...


  • balance a cuddly toy on your body while doing a headstand
  • try to keep something balanced while doing a forward roll


The Youth Sport Trust has some great ideas for how you can be active at home. Download the activities and share your games and challenges on the blog.