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Christmas under a Microscope game with Maddie Moate

Today let's play the "Close-Up Christmas Challenge" with Greg Foot! Using her special microscope camera can you guess what we're looking at. What would you photography close up?



Christmas is a time for sharing. 


Share a story.

Share a joke. 

Share a treat. 


Share something with someone else today.




It's time for another "Would You Rather?" (insert jingle)


The idea is simple. Have a discussion about which choice you would make. Make sure you have a good reason for making that choice! 


You've been given a new shirt and you love it. But, would you rather your shirts be always two sizes too big or one size too small?



How about a lazy Sunday afternoon with Aladdin?

The staff of Anson Primary School performed the pantomime Aladdin. Full of fun and laughter you can now enjoy this spectacle on the Anson stage.