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Welcome to the Nursery Home Learning page. On this page you will find:


  • recommended links and activities for learning at home
  • guidance on timing for activities


The framework for learning will be based upon the idea that each day parents could support:


 Area of learning Suggested time
 Language Development  20 mins
 Mathematics  20 mins
 Games & Challenges   20 mins
 Flexible Learning   


For some activities you will need logins.  If you need a login, we will detail which one to use.   


If you need support with usernames and passwords for any online account you will be able to email to request passwords. Verification will be sent by text to ensure this is a legitimate request. 



Home Learning for Nursery children is all about encouraging regular language, mathematics and creative development. This should be as hands on as possible. It's also about making sure there are regular opportunities for speaking and listening. 


Each Monday we will feature a story for you to use at home followed by some ideas from the list below that you could use to support your child.

Please explore some of these links and ideas. 


  • practise cutting with scissors in straight lines and cutting around objects.
  • practise reading ​their name
  • practice tracing their names
  • play turn taking games such as lotto and snakes and ladders
  • make play-dough - weigh out the ingredients etc -
  • practice using their fine motor skills - threading , jigsaws etc
  • counting objects 1:1 up to 20
  • practise number recognition , counting, making alternate patterns and lots of other great learning games here -
  • play maths games online
  • visit some of your favourite characters
  • share some of your favourite books with a family member
  • can you retell some of the rhymes and stories we have learnt in the nursery e.g The Gingerbread Man or Goldilocks and the Three Bears
  • can you make some puppets and put on a puppet show.