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Monday 6th July

There are lots of special days throughout the year. This week sees five celebrations that you might not know exist. For the Together Tasks we are going to highlight those days through a story and an activity you can try at home. 

Monday 6th July - International Kissing Day

The Kissing Hand read by Barbara Bain

This story is all about a little racoon who really doesn't want to go to school. However, mummy racoon has a trick up her sleeve.

Activity - The Kissing Hand


Draw around your hand and the hand of a grown up at home. Write a special message in each hand to tell each other why you love each other.


Stick the hands together forever with a string of paper hearts or a special message.


Tuesday 7th July - World Chocolate Day

Curious George Goes to a Chocolate Factory

While visiting a chocolate factory, George wants a closer look at the machines that make the chocolates, and he accidentally turns up the speed!

Activity - Design your own chocolate bar


If you love chocolate you'll enjoy designing your very own chocolate bar. You can download and print some sheets to help you, but all you really need is a piece of paper and a wonderful imagination.



What chocolate bar will you create? Maybe you could make it too!

Wednesday 8th July - World Tea Party Day

The Tiger Who Came to Tea by Judith Kerr

This story, The Tiger Who Came to Tea, is the perfect story to celebrate World Tea Party Day!

The Activity - Make a Mug Cake


Every tea party need cake! However, you can have fun using a few ingredients and the microwave. Be careful - the cake can be very hot!





2 tablespoons (1oz/30g) butter

1 large egg

2 tablespoons milk

1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract

1 teaspoon almond extract , optional

¼ cup (50g) granulated sugar

6 tablespoons flour

1/4 teaspoon baking powder

Tiny pinch of salt




  • Place the butter in a large mug and microwave it for 20 to 30 seconds until melted.
  • Add the egg and whisk it in with a fork.
  • Stir in the milk, vanilla, almond and sugar.
  • Add the flour, baking powder and salt. Mix the batter with a fork until smooth.
  • Cover and place in the fridge.
  • When ready to serve microwave for 1 minute and 20 seconds.
  • Top with whipped cream and fresh berries and enjoy!

Thursday 9th July - Great British Pea Week

Supertato Evil Pea rules - Books Alive! Read Aloud book for children

The Evil Pea has escaped and he has a festive evil plan. Who says we can't have Christmas stories during The Great British Pea Week?

Activity - Make your own Evil Pea



You can make your own Evil Pea using a paper plate, or green card, or the inside of a cereal box. Just use some paper to add on the mask, eyes, arms and feet.


Once you've made him, try to make Supertato too.  The challenge is to make a 30 second film of Supertato saving the day! Good luck!

Friday 10th July - Don't Step on a Bee Day

Nadia Shireen reads Bumblebear!

Norman the Bear wants to be a bee. On Don't Step on a Bee Day there is no better story to help us celebrate bees.

Activity - Make a bee watering hole


As gardeners we can help to encourage bees to our gardens and balconies by planting bee-friendly plants.  We can also provide a water source for bees who regularly visit us. Many gardens and balconies may not have any water sources at all.




A bee watering hole involves marbles or small glass stones. You will need to keep it topped up with water and as its very shallow and can dry out in the sun.


You an create your bee watering hole by :-


  • Using a large plastic flower pot water tray (you could use a large plastic lid)
  • Placing small glass beads and some large marbles for the bees to rest on
  • Then add water.
  • Placed your bee watering hole next to plants were you know the bees would be feeding.



Then sit back over the weekend and watch to see if any bees come to visit your watering hole.