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Monday 30th March

Together Tasks: Week beginning 30th March 2020



Sing a song and change the words.


There are lots of amazing songs but can you change the words to talk about being stuck at home, or about washing your hands or about your favourite food or television programme. 


Try singing these words to the tune of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star


Sprinkle, sprinkle little taps

Spray some water on your hands

Use the soap the rub and rub it in 

Wash it off and shake and rinse

Sprinkle, sprinkle little taps

That's the way I clean my hands




Make up a new game. 


Games are a great way to spend time with your family. Try making up a new game using our game board. What happens when you land on each square? Do you miss a go? Do you get another turn?


You make the rules! Share your game board on your class blog. 



It's counting day today. 


Use some socks, Lego, peas or something else to count in 2s, 5s and 10s. 


Perhaps you could get creative and make some handprints to count in 5s. 




Did you make your board game on Tuesday?


Today you can play it. Oh, but wait! You don't have any dice? Well, you could make some using the video below, or you could ask Siri or Alexa to roll two dice. Can you add up the dice to play your turn?​​​​​​​



How to make a paper Dice?

Origami Dice



It's floating and sinking Friday.


Fill up a bowl, the sink, a bath or a jug.

Choose some objects from around the home (check with a grown-up).

Predict if they will float or sink. 

Drop them into the water.

Were you correct?


If you can, film the tests and share them on our blog!