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Monday 29th June

It's the Anson Art Festival - Please get involved in one, some or all of these activities as we celebrate a number of artists this week.

Monday - Andy Warhol



Andy Warhol made Pop Art famous in the 1960s. This is his piece called Campbell Soup Tins.



How many different flavour of soup can you see?


Create your own piece of art by designing 32 of your own soup tins. You could use this image to help you get started.



Share your final image on the blog.   

Tuesday - Vincent Van Gogh



Vincent Van Gogh was born in 1853 and is one of the best know artists in the world. One of his most famous paintings is called Sunflowers. 



Can you create a 3D version of Sunflowers?

How to Make Sunflowers!

Wednesday - Kara Walker



Kara is a New York based artist who looks at race, gender and equality through silhouette works of art.



Some of her pieces are interactive. In this wagon, smoke pours out of the image and music plays to tell the story of the art. 



Can you create a silhouette of your favourite scene from a book or fairy tale?

Thursday - Kehinde Wiley



The layers of Kehinde Wiley's work are amazing. The photographic quality of the image is set against a highly textured background. 



​​​​​​​You can recreate this by drawing a portrait of yourself on a piece of wallpaper, wrapping paper or a magazine cover. You can get small pieces of wallpaper for FREE in DIY shops. 


Have a go at creating a self portrait and sharing it on the blog. 



Friday - Bridget Riley



Bridget Riley explores some amazing effects by changing the size of a reported pattern. Can you create a work of art like this by changing the gaps between your shapes?



Have a go and share your work on the blog.