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Monday 20th April

Monday: Make Some Patterns


For this task we found the Art is Fun website. The site says that once you learn how to make patterns, you can use them in your art in all kinds of ways.


Look at these simple patterns:



Can you see how the patterns and shapes above have been used in these patterns?


Try making your own patterns using simple shapes and using them to connect into something bigger. Visit the website to follow a tutorial. 

Tuesday: Build Something 


Why not build a den today in your home and then share a snack and some stories inside the den. This image is a very basic den which only needs a sheet or tablecloth and two chairs.

However, take a look at this Den Building website for more ideas of how to make an amazing den: Den Building

Wednesday: Design a new cover for a book


We have really enjoyed seeing all your art on the school blog. Today, choose your favourite story and design a new front cover for the book.


Natalie Merheb talks about the way you need to think about where people will look when they are picking up your book. Consider this when you design your cover. Don't forget to share your work on the blog. 



Thursday: Play A Board Game


Today you should take some time to play a board game. If you haven't got a board game you could download one of these incredibly frustrating ones that Mr Pile has made or you could just design your own (which will be a lot less annoying).

Friday: Make a rainbow out of things from around the home!