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Monday, 1st June

Monday 1st June: Photography Week

Monday: Create a photographic rainbow.


This is a lovely task and there are a couple of ways to do it. 


1. Arrange lots of objects into the colours of the rainbow and take a photograph.


2. Go on a walk and photograph objects of different colours. Arrange the images into a colourful rainbow using an app or printing them out. 


Tuesday: What's in the bag?


This is a fun game. Take a number of different photographs inside different bags. You can get some lovely light as the camera usually flashes and reflects off the sides of the bag. 


Can people work out what's in the bag?



Wednesday - Make A Face Collage


Before you take a photograph on a smartphone or camera you can select different filters. You can make an image black and white or vivid colour. You can play around with all sorts of settings. 


Choose someone to take a portrait photograph. Take three images using different filters. If you can print the photographs out. If you can't see if you can use an app on your device to play around with the photographs. This is the effect you are looking to create. Can you take portraits of different people and mix up the collage?


Thursday: Take A Vertical Panorama


Sometimes it is good to take a moment and just look up! 


Find something tall, like a tree.

Stand with your back to it.  

Tip your head backwards carefully to look up. 

Take a photograph of what you can see.


You'll be amazed by looking at tall objects from a different angle.  


Friday: Create some magic


In one of the episodes of Let's Go Live, with Maddie and Greg, they focused on a brilliant trick you can do if you have the panorama feature on your phone. 


Work together to take a panoramic picture at home or in the park.

Begin to take the shot, then move to a different position.


How many times can you make it into the same photograph?