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Monday 15th June

Refugee Week


A refugee is someone who has had to leave their home and country, as they are unable to stay. This may be due to persecution, war, natural disasters and more. Refugees are often unable to return to their home countries, as it would not be safe for them to do so. Refugees could be individuals, families or even children. According to the international charity Save the Children, there are around 25.4 million refugees around the world. This week we focus on tasks to celebrate diversity and friendship. 

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Monday - what is vital and precious?


Many refugees need to leave their homes quickly and travel for a long time. This means that refugees usually take very little with them. So, the only take things that are vital and precious.


  • Vital means something that is absolutely necessary to bring along.
  • Precious means something that gives happy thoughts and is personal to you.


Draw a picture, or take a photograph, of something precious to you that you would want to take with you if you were going on a journey. 




Tuesday: A letter to your family


This is a great time to think about how lucky you are to be with your family. During Lockdown your family are doing a wonderful job of looking after you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They are feeding you, helping you with home learning and trying their best to make lockdown fun. 


Write a surprise letter to your family thanking them for all the wonderful things they are doing for you. 

Wednesday - Know Your Rights


We think about refugees because often they are not able to live in a way that gives them the same  freedom that we have in the United Kingdom. Everyone has the right to...   


be happy. 

have their say.

not to be hurt.

to complain.

to privacy.


Create a poster that celebrates the rights that you have!


Thursday - A Refugee's Story


Read this story about a refugee called Ali. 



Friday: Reasons to be thankful!

Watch Kid President's 25 reasons to be thankful and then come up with your own list of reasons to be thankful! Can you make your own Kid President style video?