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Monday 11th May

Monday 11th May

Monday: Make some jellyfish


These little jellyfish should begin our Ocean Week focus with a little bit of creative fun. All you need is a paper plate or some cardboard (a recycled cereal box cut into a circle should do) and some string (or strips of paper). 



How do you do make them?


1. Colour in your string or pieces of paper

2. Make a hole in the middle of your plate or cardboard circle. 

3. Push the string or paper through the hole

4. Tie it or secure it with tape


Share your jellyfish on the blog!

Tuesday: One Word Stories


If you don't want to get up early this morning, stay in bed and make up a story with another member of your family. 


The trick - you are only allowed to say one word at a time. Take it in turns and see where your story take you. 


You could write your story down.

You could record your story using a voice memo.

You could film your story.


Share it with us on the blog or using

Wednesday: make some potato prints




It's time to get creative with a potato. 


Make sure you have a grown up with you for this task as you need to cut the potato to make a shape. 


Once you are happy with your shape the best way to get the perfect amount of paint on to the potato is to paint the potato with a brush. Dipping the potato can give you too much paint on the potato.


Create some wrapping paper and share your work one the blog. 


Thursday: try some origami

How to Make An Easy Paper DOG. Origami Tutorial for Kids and Beginners

How to fold a paper dog with detailed step by step instructions. Watch. Pause. Fold. Repeat.

Friday: sock bowling


This is a fun game to play at home. All you need are some rolled up socks and some toilet rolls (whole ones or the tube inside).


You can cut strips of paper to wrap around your toilet rolls. This way you can make your own designs and theme your game.