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Maths Challenges

There are so many great online maths challenges on the internet. We've chosen just a few to get you started. Try The Daily Ten, Countdown and Rocket Angles this week. 

The Daily Ten


Choose your level, choose your subject, choose your questions, choose your time!


Look at the question.

Write your answers on paper. 

Check your answers at the end. 




If you've ever watched Countdown on Channel 4 you'll know Rachel Riley is a whizz at the numbers game. Ask your parents if she's better than Carol Vorderman or not! Could you be the next Rachel or Carol?


There are 6 numbers.

You can use them only once.

You can multiply, add, divide and subtract to reach the total. 

How fast can you get to the answer. 10 seconds. 30 seconds. 2 minutes. A week?


Have a go at the numbers challenge by clicking the link below. 



Rocket Angles


With the success of the Space X mission this month, why not try your own space mission. Can you use the protractor to work out how to hit the aliens?


You'll need to rotate the protractor so that 0 degrees is along your rocket, then work out what angle you need to use to hit the alien.