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Maddie Moate

The First Summer Special: Tree-mendous Trees

Welcome to the first episode of a brand new series of 'Let's Go Live!'. This Summer Maddie and Greg are getting 'Out and About' visiting locations. This week they are working with the Woodland Trust and exploring trees. Tune in every Saturday morning at 10am!

The Second Summer Special: Computers & Retro Video Games

It's the second episode of the brand new series of 'Let's Go Live!' and Maddie and Greg are at the Computer Museum in Cambridge.

The Let's Go Live with Maddie and Greg!

Maddie Moate and Greg Foot created and broadcasted Let's Go Live at 11am on You Tube to support families through Lockdown. Season One contained 50 shows which were all broadcast from their spare room. Maddie and Greg themed each week and packed the episodes full of science, makes, challenges and quizzes. You can watch their Award Ceremony highlights below and then explore each week in our Let's Go Live portal.

Behind The Scenes of 'Let's Go Live'