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Welcome to Ethan & Aaron's Lockdown Club


by Mr Pile

Here's an idea that we think is pretty cool as away of remembering this time in lockdown. 


Ethan and Aaron (my boys) were listening to The Beatles album, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band on Amazon Music. They saw the album artwork and so we downloaded a larger version to take a closer look and try to see who some of the people were on the cover.  


It began a discussion. I asked... 


Who would you put on your version of your 'Lockdown' album cover?


What have you been watching?

What have you been reading?

Who have you seen?

What have you been playing?

Who have you been listening to?




Have a look at our album cover? Who can you see? Who do you recognise? Would they make it into your Lockdown club?


Then try making an album cover, collage, picture or writing a list of you Lockdown Club. Perhaps you could make an invitation inviting them to the club or thanking them for making lockdown easier. 


Upload your work to the blog. We think it will help you to remember this time with some great memories.