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Week Beginning 12th October 2020


While your child is self-isolating for the next 14 days, this is where you will find the learning tasks to be completed over the week. Please support your child with their learning to ensure that their learning is as least interrupted as possible. But most of all, have fun!




This week our Literacy focus is the story: 'I am too absolutely small for school' by Lauren Child.


Please share this book with your child.

I Am Too Absolutely Small For School by Lauren Child

Please make sure you read this book at least 3 times. Repetition ensures that your child understands the story and is able to retell the story in their own words. It also helps with their vocabulary and sentence formation.


Task 1:


Draw a picture of yourself in your school and talk about what you like doing at school. Talk about:

Why do you like school?

What is your favourite thing to do at school?


Write the sentence 'I go to Anson School.' on two pieces of paper (as shown below). Cut up one of the pieces of paper so the words are separate. Get your child to match the words to the sentence on the first sheet of paper.

For a challenge, see if your child can copy the sentence, using capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. 


Task 2: Show some CVC words and clap for each sound. Use the words below to start, then see if you can think of some of your own.


sat map
dog tin
mad dip
nap pat

As a challenge, see if you can copy the word, then see if you can remember the sounds and write it again.


Task 3: Draw a writing pattern on a blank sheet like the one shown below. Follow the patterns with different colours.

Or you can download this pencil control workbook to print at home.

Task 4: EVERYDAY practice writing your name and cutting.




Phonics should be done EVERY DAY. Whether it is just a recap, a game or practicing writing words with the sounds they have learnt.


Practice the sounds we have already learnt - s, a, t, p, i, n, m, d, g, o


Say the sound and practice the action

Sing the Jolly Phonics songs together

Below are the new sounds we will learn this week. Please practice them with your child and practice writing the new sound. 


Our new sounds for this week are: c, k, e, u, and r.


Below are the Jolly Phonics songs for each sound.






If you would like to know how to say the pure phonics sounds correctly, please look at this video.

Jolly Phonics Letter Sounds

Below are some Phase 2 phonics games you can play to help with blending and segmenting.


Fishy Phonics - (please select only sounds from set 1-3)


Flash Cards - (please select only sounds from sets 1, 2 and 3)


Odd and Bob - (only select one of the sounds your child has learnt)




This week we are looking at quantities up to 5.


Listen and sing along to these songs together:


Five little speckled frogs.

Five little ducks.

Ten in the bed.


Task 1: Use your creativity and make an A3 poster where you can draw or stick 5 things in different ways? E.g.: 5 leaves, 5 fingers, 5 feathers...


Task 2: Use the five frame to show 3, 4 and 5 objects on it. When the 5 frame is full we know we have 5 objects. Can you show 3, 4 and 5 objects in different ways? How do we know we have 5?

Task 3: Play Simon says...


Simon says jump 4 times

Simon says clap 3 times

Simon says hop 5 times

Simon says say hello 2 times


Task 4: Create some animal puppets to represent the songs we have been singing.



This week in PSHE we are talking about the importance of sharing, how we treat others and how we look after our classroom resources.


Talk with your parents about things you can do to be a good friend and why it is important to look after each other and the classroom resources.




Children need regular exercise, and that's hard to do when you are stuck inside! Here are a few videos to keep you active, or have a look around for some of your own - or make up your own exercises!





Just Dance Kids:


Cosmic Kids Yoga:


Get Moving by Disney Family:




- Putting on your coat

- Zipping up your coat

- Getting dressed by yourself including doing up your own shoes

- Writing and recognising your own name

- Counting forwards and backwards to 20

- Practice writing numbers to 10


You can send pictures of your work or videos to and we will share them with the rest of the class.