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Harry Potter

Harry Potter author JK Rowling has opened up the world of Harry Potter for the length of the school closure. You can explore the world of Harry Potter at Home by clicking the link below. This page has some of the activities available on the website as well as some other content which you might like to try. 


There is a great section of the website that allows you to read some information about the books, characters and settings used in the stories. Simply use the arrows to scroll through the choices. 

In fact, if you've never heard a Harry Potter story, you can now listen to the whole of the first book (FREE) on Audible. Just click the link below to find the book and 'Start Listening'.

How about taking a quiz all about your first year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry?



We know that the Rob Biddulph art has already been popular this holiday and so we've found some Wizarding World art activities for you to take part in as well. These two creatures are from the Fantastic Beasts series.  

How to draw an Occamy - Make It Magic

Learn how to draw your very own Occamy in this Make It Magic video.

How to draw a Niffler - Make It Magic

Everyone's favourite mischief-making, gold-seeking creature - learn how to draw your very own Niffler in this Make It Magic video.

There are lots of creative ideas you could try at home using the themes from Harry Potter. How creative can you be?

DIY Howler Letter from Harry Potter

In this video you learn how to make an origami Howler letter! You can make your own howler letter for the middle of the Howler using a piece of paper. Who will you send your howler to?

Ravenclaw Laces - Make It Magic

Looking for an excuse to express yourselves, Ravenclaws? Stand out from the crowd with a pair of shoes that would make Luna Lovegood proud.

Here are some great Harry Potter Puzzles to try.




On the Wizarding World website there are a number of word searches which you can complete against the clock. 


How quickly can you find the words?


Create your own house emblem and motto using these three activities. They are a great way to get thinking about the beginnings of your own wizard story.