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Welcome the Anson's Happy Healthy Minds


At Anson our curriculum is designed to support everyone to have happy, healthy minds. 

Children's Mental Health Week 2022


At Anson we encourage children (and adults) to consider how they have grown, and how they can help others to grow. 


Welcome to the assembly, hosted by Lindsey Russell, featuring pupils from Rosslyn Park Primary School and Seascape Primary School in conversation with dancer and presenter Oti Mabuse.


After you've watched this assembly it's time to think about growth. How have you grown? What are your dreams and aspirations? Do you think the journey to your dreams will be smooth or bumpy?


Listen to YolanDA Brown talk about her growth from her early dreams of being a Formula 1 driver to an award winning saxophonist. 

Primary Virtual Assembly | Children's Mental Health Week 2022

YolanDa Brown's Growth Story

Happy & Healthy Talking Points 



  • YolanDa talks about how she wanted to be a race car driver when she grew up – but now she is a musician! What are some things we can do to feel better when something doesn’t go to plan or we don’t achieve our goal?


  • Josh asks YolanDa how she believes in herself, and she says she has to keep trying! How do you believe in yourself? How can you help your friends and classmates to believe in themselves too?


  • Josh and YolanDa talk about expressing how they feel through music, dance, poetry or sport... what are some other ways that we can express how we feel?

YolanDa Brown - Let Me See You (Official Video)

Dance is one of the ways we can express ourselves. Join YolanDA and get your dance moves ready to express yourself.

And now for a challenge...

This year each class to captured one photograph that they feel represents growth. 


Growth can be described as:


You may remember...

This was our whole school community project for Children's Mental Health Week where everyone simply made a smile using something that represents you, something you enjoy or the people you love. 


You can see the smiles below... 

Mr Pile works with a team of educators from around the world to produce a series of books that encourage children to use creativity in response to causes. In Create for Mental Health children can use photography, video, music, drawing and augmented reality to support their own wellbeing or the wellbeing of other people. Download the book on Apple Books.




We partner with Jigsaw to deliver PSHE sessions for every year group from Nursery to Year 6.



The aim of our work is to:


support children to engage socially with each other and the school community;


engage more with the outdoor environment;


talk about world events and the impact of these events on individuals and the wider world;


provide a safe forum to share thoughts, concerns, ideas and personal responses;


use art and writing to help children respond personally to experiences they have had