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Welcome to the 2017 Granada homepage. You'll be able to follow all our adventures on this page. We'll probably update each evening, but will always send a text message when new photos are uploaded. This will save you having to keep checking the site. We can't wait for you to be part of our journey!

Day One


Thank to you everyone for getting to the airport on time this morning. We managed to take a sneaky picture before boarding the plane. Everyone is very well and we have spent the afternoon getting to know the area. This was a very good idea as we discovered the best local bocadillos and tortilla. Yum!

When the temperature dips in the early evening you can find some magical places in Granada. Here you can see how we spent time sketching and listening to the locals playing music. This was followed by some amazing ice cream. 

Sketching with the locals

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Day Two


This morning we visited the Alhambra. It was a chance to learn about the Moorish and Christian buildings and the history of the area. We spent time watching the local cats climb trees, but it was a bigger cat that stole the show. We put our hands in the mouth of a lion. If we have good hearts the lion will not bite. So far, all fingers are in tact!

We have had two experts this afternoon reading the Arabic script in the walls of the Alhambra. With Mrs Boasts history stories we've been learning a lot. We've also found out about the architecture and art in the area. 

Day Three


We ended yesterday watching some beautiful street theatre in the cathedral square. We could be found eating artisan ice cream in the moonlight. We rewarded the performers with an Anson rosette!


Today we spent a fascinating morning in the Sierra Nevada, learning about how olives are grown, how olive oil is produced and having an olive oil tasting. We sampled fresh spring water and admired the beautiful views and quirky artwork while trying some delicious organic local yellow plums. And that was all before lunch!

Street Theatre

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Olive Tasting

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Day Four


Good morning. Last night we had a lovely dinner and stroll. The children have been very adventurous and many of them chose to order a tasting plate of montaditos (mini tapas on horseback, or bread!). They were also given the challenge of composing a diez palabras (10 word) message home. We hope you enjoy them!

Diez Palabras

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Tonight we fine dine in Granada for our 'Despedida' (farewell).It's all about etiquette and 3 course meals. The Anson children, as usual, are rising and even exceeding all expectations.


We've had a great last day sketching, strolling and singing. The music is enchanting. This is the last update but we are all looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.