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Gordon Brown

It's that time of year when the wellies come out, the hats and gloves go on and the children of Cricklewood head to the countryside! Follow their adventures here!



This afternoon after unpacking and eating some lunch we headed out to explore the site. There's only one thing to do when you arrive in the countryside one a cold and icy day and that's learn how to make a fire! So this afternoon we gathered wood and built our own fires. Lovely and warm! 



When it's a cold and frosty morning on site there is nothing better than warming the hearts with a feisty bit of Viking behaviour. After an examination of some viking shields, the children poured their creativity into their own defences. Take a look at their creations. 

Of course, all good Vikings need somewhere to take shelter, and so we spent some time exploring the woods and building our own amazing properties!
The Viking Adventures continue with a little weaponry training - well the children were taught the skills of archery!

Tuesday ended with a night walk and a few scary stories. It was amazing to be out at night with clear skies. The stars looked incredible. 



Today we are walking into history and taking a 7 kilometre adventure around the local area. We're taking in castles, farms, bat caves and the local church. Life is very different in this part of the world to our little corner of Brent. 

After a two hour walk this morning, this afternoon was time to warm up and get creative. We took part in Rock Star Academy, creating our own bands and music. This evening we'll carry that rock theme into our disco!



Today we headed to the river to study the life that lives in the river, measure the depth and take part in some very official boat racing!

Boat Racing

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