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Gordon Brown



How do you get children to want to go to bed early? It's simple. Make them climb up a huge wall several times and then take them on a 7 kilometre walk. Take a look:


Picture 1



Tuesday has been all about survival. We have spent the day solving the housing crisis by designing and building some luxury accommodation deep in the woods of the GB Centre. Although access to the shops is poor, the quality of the building materials has allowed for some excellent properties (unless it rains). However, the access to the shops isn’t too much of an issue because today we also found out how to make a fire and cook, serving up some delicious popcorn for a snack. 


Oh. And some of use made some new friends! Take a look at the images of our new hen-pals. 

Fire Building

Still image for this video



We have begun our adventure, arriving safely at the Outdoor Education Centre. We’ve unpacked, been fed and watered and have spent some time exploring the site. This included meeting the animals as well as a spot of archery. Take a look at our pictures.