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Emoji Challenge


Mrs Diksson has been at it on the blog!

Miss Murray has been sending them in too!

Even Grace got involved!

And now Blue Peter is doing it too!


The world has gone emoji mad! 


So, can you solve these Emoji puzzles from the team at CBBC?


If you think you can fill in the Google Form and we'll publish the answers before the end of the school year. 


However, don't just answer the questions. Your challenge is to make your own Emoji quiz or story or challenge and we'll post it here for everyone else to answer.


Create your quiz, add it to the blog and we'll do the rest!


Hello to everyone at Prospect House - who have been sending in lots of answers! We're really impressed with your effort particularly...


Sophia, Maya, Zoe, Isla, Emilia, Mia, Maya, William and Mattias!