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Easter Week

Monday: Egg and Spoon Race


Have some fun today with an egg and spoon race.


Set a little obstacle course using cushions, book barriers and chairs. Have a start line and a finish line. 


If you have any eggs, ask a grown up to hard-boil an egg (then you can eat it after the race). If you don't have any eggs, use some rolled up sports socks or a small piece of fruit.


Place the 'egg' on a spoon and race.


Try different size spoons and add in extra obstacles. 

Tuesday: Make an origami Easter Bunny Basket

These origami bunny baskets are a fun project. Can you make the little bunny basket.

Wednesday: Play Bunny Sock Toss



Ask a grown up to help you make a Bunny cutout using a large piece of cardboard, an old sheet or a T-shirt. Cut a hole for the mouth and the tummy. Stretch is over a chair or hang it up. 


Roll up some socks and see if you can throw them into their mouth. How many points will you score?

Thursday: cook some bunny pancakes


You'll need a grown up for this task, but it will be worth it. 



Melt 15g of butter in a saucepan and leave to cool


In a bowl add...


100g of plain or self raising flour

20g of caster sugar

1/2 a teaspoon of baking powder


and mix


In a jug add 125ml of milk

One egg

a teaspoon of vanilla essence (totally optional)


Slowly add the wet liquid to the dry, whisking as you go. Then, once you have a smooth batter add in the butter and stir.


In a frying pan (medium heat) pour in an ice cream scoop worth of liquid. Wait for the bubbles and flip it over. 


Once you've cooked them all use the picture to help you make the bunnies.  


Friday: make some toilet roll bunnies



Grab a toilet roll and colour it in.

Make some ears and colour them in.

Draw on some eyes and a nose. 

Bunny done.