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Earth Day 2020

Wednesday 22nd April is Earth Day. During this week there will be lots of challenges to help you celebrate the wonders of the Earth and explore how the Earth provides for you at home. 

Camera Challenge


Photograph your own nature walk or back garden explorations. Post your photos on the blog and together we can identify what species we have living in our neighbourhood.

Receipe Challenge


Make a plant-based recipe or recreate your favourite family recipes but using only plant-based ingredients. Post a picture of the food on the blog.

Map Challenge 


Find out where your food comes from. Look at a range of packaging in your kitchen to see how far it has travelled. Draw a world map and circle the places your food has come from. 

Recycle Challenge


Find some old materials in your house such as old clothes or recycling. Make some jewellery or a new bag or a plant holder out of the old materials. Share your creation on the blog.

Plastic Challenge


Conduct a plastic audit in your home. Count how many plastic containers, wraps, bottles, toys and bags are in your kitchen and bathroom. Share your plastic data on the blog.

Art Challenge


Draw a picture or make a collage of the Earth feeling sad under the weight of pollution. Can you come up with a slogan that everyone can follow to protect the planet? Share your creation on the blog.

We hope you enjoy these Earth Day challenges

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Sing A Song To Protect Our Planet

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