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The Annies 2020

A look back at the year on the Anson Stage.

Welcome to the Class Pages. 


Please click on the Home Learning to access your work. The Home Learning folder contains a mixture of online and unplugged activities as well as links to printable worksheets. The worksheets are also available at the school office. 

 As a school we are also creating a lot of content to help you keep busy and learning. Click on our links to see all the things you could do while you are at home. Don't forget to share anything you do on our blog so other people can see it to and your teachers can speak to you too. 


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Use our blogging platform to keep in touch and share all the exciting things you are doing at home. Send us photos, comments, links and lots more.


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Positive Thinking

A little message from the staff to give you (and your parents) a bit of a boost!

The class pages at Anson Primary School are unlikely to be updated during a school closure. Please use the home learning content.