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The Anson Mini-Olympics!


Take part in a different event, each weekday, throughout the summer holiday! 


Every day there is new event which takes just 60 seconds


 Win 'virtual' Gold, Silver and Bronze medals by following the rules!


Record your 60 second attempts for each event and share them with us at


Who will be our 2020 Mini Olympics World Record Holders?

Example Activities for Week One: 13th July

Download the full event guide for each of the 40 events. The guide includes instructions, ways to make each event easier or harder and your medal targets. 

Record your medal collection on your own chart.

Join Golden Gregory, the over active monkey, for some top tips. First up, some bunny jumps!

Need some inspiration? Join Golden Gregory to find out how to do bunny jumps!

60 Second Sports: Sock Throw

Why not join the athletic Golden Gregory to find out how to complete the sock throw!

60 Second Sports: Bottle Flip

Join Golden Gregory to find out the best way to complete a bottle flip!

60 Second Sports: Figure of 8

It's a tough one. Join Golden Gregory to find out how to complete a figure of 8!

60 Second Sports: Saucepan Tennis

Join Golden Gregory to get some top tips for saucepan tennis!