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This section will look at how you can continue reading at home with and without the Internet.


Reading without the Internet


Here are lots of ideas for you to continue reading without the need of the Internet.  


1. Schedule Family Game Time

Hold a family game night that includes board, card, dice or any other kind of games. Reading instructions or cards (Cluedo, Monopoly etc) is a great way to put reading into action. 


2. Reading Bingo

Reading Bingo is a great way to read. Create a grid of 12 boxes and write in 4 nouns, 4 adjectives and 4 verbs. As you read, tick them off and see who completes the grid first. 


3. Bring a Book to Life

Bringing books to life is a neat way to connect with stories. Let a book inspire your family to create a piece of art, perform an act of kindness, make a recipe, or try a new activity.

4. Read About Your Favorite Digital Show or Game

Just because your family has unplugged from video games or television shows, doesn't mean you can't read about them. There are oodles of books available about Minecraft, Pokemon, and Peppa Pig waiting for young readers.


5. Walk Through a Story

Take your favourite story and act it out. Use pictures or make little puppets to act out a story. 


6. Spelling stories

Write a story which uses all your spellings for the week. Try writing a story you know, like Little Red Riding Hood or Jack and the Beanstalk. 


7. Campfire Stories (Fire Optional!)

Storytelling is a wonderful way to spend time together without electronic devices — and it teaches kids about the elements of a story. Pretend you are sitting around a campfire. Take turns telling true or make-believe stories to each other.



There are lots of ways you can carry on enjoying books at home. Please try to keep reading each day while the school is closed. 

Audible have opened up their stories for children, free of charge for the length of the closure. Visit their site on the link below.

If you are a fan of David Walliams, you can listen to him read a different story each day on his website. 

Looking for something fun as a family? Enjoy storytime with our free online books and videos, play games, win prizes, test your knowledge in our book-themed quizzes, or even learn how to draw some of your favourite characters.

Reading Zone Live, from the LGfL, has lots of interviews with authors of some of your favourite books. Click on a book and listen to them talking about how they developed the story, the characters and why they love to write. 

There are lots of free resources for everyone on the Collins website. You can download eBooks and worksheets.

Oxford Owl has a free eBook library where you can read books for children aged 3 to 11.