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6th July

Good Morning Nursery!


We hope you enjoyed the work last week


This week we will be looking at the story "Titch" by Pat Hutchinson


Listen to the story:

Titch by Pat Hutchins

Key questions to share:


How many people are in Titch’s family?

Why does Titch ride a little tricycle while his brother and sister have big bikes?

How do you think Titch feels about this?

Do you think it is fair that Titch only has a pin wheel while they have big kites?



Here are some more stories about growing:

Books for Kids! Now I'm Big by Karen Katz Read Aloud by Kids Books Read Aloud


🥑 Online Stories Read Aloud : Avocado Baby Book Read Aloud Online l Online Stories Read Aloud

THE WONDERFUL THINGS YOU WILL BE Book Read Aloud | Kindergarten Books Read Aloud

Can you order the picture cards and retell the story in your own words? Maybe you could re-tell it to your mum/dad/ sibling?

Look at the plant that Titch grew.

With your child look at some plants you may have at home or outside. Discuss with your child the parts of the plant and their roles.

Can they name any parts of a plant? Ask them to describe the parts of the plant using full sentences, “The plant has long green leaves”.

Ask your child to draw a picture of a plant, don’t forget to add labels!

Can you remember when you were a baby?

What do you look like now? How has your face changed? Have a go at drawing a selfie! Look in a mirror and look really carefully at your features.



This week we will be continuing to introduce the children to early phonics - letter sounds. 


In Nursery we use the Jolly Phonics rhymes and actions to help the children to remember each sound. We will introduce two sounds each week.

r ” and '' h”


Continue practising this phonics song

Phonics Song 2 (new version)


Watch these Jolly phonics videos regularly and practise the songs and actions.

R Jolly Phonic

H Jolly Phonic

Here are some videos to help your child write the letters that match these sounds.

Get Squiggling Letters | Letter H

Phonics | The Letter H | Signing for Babies ASL | Letter Sounds H | Patty Shukla

Phonics | The Letter R | Signing for Babies ASL | Letter Sounds R | Patty Shukla


Have a go at these phonics games



  • Can you draw a picture of Titch and his family?

  •  Try drawing a picture of your family try drawing people in order of size. Who is the biggest? who is the smallest?
  • Stand next to your child and discuss who is the tallest. If you have another child/children ask them to line up in order from shortest to tallest.
  • Give your child an item and first ask them to go and find an item that is longer that the original item.
  • Next ask them to find something longer than the second item.
  • Repeat this so that you have 4 items.
  • Mix the items up and then ask them to put them in order from shortest to longest. Use the language ‘shortest’ ‘longer’ and ‘longest’

Can you put these items in the correct order?

  • Make some play dough using the simple play dough recipe. 
  • Ask your child to roll out a sausage.
  • Ask them to make a long sausage, a short sausage, a thin sausage, a wide sausage.
  • Ask them to measure how long their sausages are using different items such as Duplo or Lego bricks. Repeat by asking them to make other objects and measure them

How to Make Play Dough - Easy No Cook Recipe! | Sea Lemon



Have a go at making your own pin wheel!

How to make a spinning paper Pinwheel DIY, paper windmill craft for kids

Can you make a kite or have a go at flying one like Mary and Tom in the story?

I'm a Big Kid Now Song for Kids | Fun Songs for Children | The Kiboomers

Shake Your Sillies Out ♫ Brain Breaks Songs for Kids ♫ Kids Action Songs by The Learning Station


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