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4th May

Hello Nursery !


We hope you enjoyed learning all about rockets and space. This week we are going to be looking at buses and reading one of my favourite books. 

Watch the story Naughty Bus by – Jan and Jerry Oke on YouTube .


Key Questions to discuss with your family:


  • What do you think the story might be about?
  • Can you tell your parents what happened in the story?
  • Who do you think is giving and receiving the present?
  • What do you think the present is? What made you think that?
  • Which was your favourite part of the story?
  • Which character did you like the best?
  • If you could go on a bus today where would you like to go?

Join in with the song the wheels on the bus

Another song about a big red bus!

Watch Big Cook Little Cook: Series 3: The Bus Driver



This week we will begin to introduce the children  to early phonics -letter sounds.

In Nursery we use the Jolly Phonics rhymes and actions to help the children to remember each sound. We will introduce two sounds each week.


This weeks sounds are 'S' and 'A'.


Watch these Jolly phonics videos regularly and practise the songs and actions.

"s" - Jolly Phonics Songs

Jolly Phonics Songs S the snake is in the grass. /sss/! /sss/!/sss/! /sss/! The snake is in the grass. Action:Weave your hand in an "s" shape , like a snake , and s...

"a" - Jolly Phonics Songs

Jolly Phonics Songs - a /a/-/a/!Ants on my arm. /a/-/a/!Ants on my arm. /a/-/a/!Ants on my arm. They are causing me alarm. Action:Wiggle your fingers above t...

Game 1: First Steps are for children just starting to learn letters and sounds.

Please complete letter sounds S and A.

Can you play I Spy and find all the objects that begin with S and A

Have a go at completing these activities for the sounds S and A


Can you paint or draw your own bus and put your family members in the windows?

If you have some cars , trains or any other wheeled toys have a go at making some prints with the wheels. You can use paint, pens or pencils


Can you use your problem solving skills to think of ways to rescue the bus from a large bucket of water or the bath? How many ways can you think of to get the bus out without using your hands? What equipment or tools could you use? Draw a picture or take a photo and show us on the Nursery Blog.

Can you use some building blocks or recycled materials to build a town your bus or car could drive around?

Here are some transport cards to make a game of snap

Can you place some chairs or stools in a line to create a bus.

Using your family members or toys can you count how many people are on the bus?

If there are 4 people on the bus and one person gets off how many are left on the bus?

Continue adding or taking away different numbers of people or toys on the bus.

How many passengers can you fit on your bus?



Join in with some of our favourite songs.

The Big Numbers Song

Five Little Speckled Frogs

The Animal Sounds Song

Five Little Ducks | Kids Songs | Super Simple Songs


Trolls: Can't Stop The Feeling | GoNoodle

The Skeleton Dance


Here are a few more things to investigate ! 

Come Outside - Buses

Watch Pippin go on a bus ride.

Double Decker Bus Videos For Children | Gecko's Real Vehicles

Lets learn a bit more about buses.

Gecko and The Open Top London Tour Bus | Gecko's Real Vehicles | Double Decker Bus for Children

Gecko takes a special visit to London, the capital of England, and gets to ride on an open top tour bus all through the city.

Brent Music Service - more music learning


Parents - watch this video to see what the BMS Music'sCool website is like, and click on this link to register for access to it.

BMS Showcase for Anson