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30 Day Challenges

Everyone loves a challenge. This is our 30 day challenge page. It will give you an activity to try every day for 30 days. The joy is that once you have the image you won’t need any technology to complete most of the challenges. We’ll add to this page as we create the challenges or discover them online. 

It’s time for a month of music. Listen, make, create and learn about music with a different challenge every day. Download the pdf and save it to your device.

The Lego Challenge



Download the pdf below and save it to your device

30 Days of Doodles


Grab an pen and paper or a device and do a doodle a day


30 Days of Minecraft


Mr Pile’s two boys have created a 30 day Minecraft challenge for anyone wanting to be creative in the game. You can download the pdf and save it to your device. Feel free to share your worlds on our blog!


Science Month


Why not try 30 days of science, technology, engineering and mathematics challenges from Natural Beach Living?