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27th April

Hello Nursery !


We hope you are all still keeping well and enjoyed learning all about boats.


Don't forget you can add some lovely pictures of what you have been doing at home to our new Nursery Blog. It would be lovely to see how busy you have been smiley.


This week we are going to be looking at Rockets!




Watch the story ‘Whatever Next!’ By Jill Murphy on YouTube and talk to your family about the story.

Whatever Next! (audio book version)

Key Questions:


  • Can you tell your parents what happened in the story?
  • How did Baby Bear get to the Moon?
  • What would you use to travel to the Moon?
  • Can you remember What Baby Bear took with him?
  • What would you take with you?
  • What did Baby Bear pass on the way?
  • What do you think you would see on the way to the Moon?
  • What happened when Baby Bear got to the Moon?
  • What do you think you would see on the Moon? 



  • Do you know any other songs or stories about rockets or space?

• Can you make a rocket using the letters in your name?


Here is another space story you might enjoy about space.

Aliens Love underpants



Can you practise writing your numbers 1-10?

You can use paint, crayons, chalk, felt tips or you can download this document.

Try cutting and sorting stars by size

  • Can you count forwards and backwards from 10?
  • Ask an adult to say a number, can you say what number comes after or before that number?
  • Can you match the correct amount of stars to the number ?

Creative :


Can you paint a rocket flying amongst the stars?

Try making some sparkly play dough!


Boogie Beebies - Space Walking

Singing - Join in with some of our favourite songs !

Astronauts! Children's Song - Kids Space Adventure | Bounce Patrol

Space Song Rocket Ride


Just Dance Kids 2 Jump Up

Five little men in a flying saucer | Early Years - Nursery Rhymes

Counting Down From Twenty Song

Zoom Zoom Zoom We're Going to The Moon Song | Rocket Song for Kids | Space Songs for Kids