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22nd June

Week beginning 22nd June 2020


Hello Reception, it has been great to hear so many of your voices again this week. Some children may be going back to school and experiencing school after a very long time away. For those of you who will be at home, do not worry there will still be lots of exciting work on our Home Learning page to get stuck into! Remember to continue to share your work on the school blog and have a look at some of the Together tasks.






Please continue to practice saying and writing the sounds that you know. Do you remember the action for all the sounds?



Phase 2: s, a, t, p, i, n, m, d, g, o, c, k, ck, e, u, r, h, b, f, ff, l, ll, ss

Phase 3: j, v, w, x, y, z, zz, qu, ch, sh, th, ng, ai, ee, igh, oo, ar, or, ur, ow, oi, ear, air, ure, er


Practice reading and writing all your tricky words:


If you are missing our fun filled phonics sessions, why not have a look on Twinkl Kids TV Youtube and watch a phonics lessons.


Here is a fun video from the Twinkl Youtube to help you remember a few of your tricky words:

The Tricky Word Rap - A Phonics Song

Phonics games to play at home:


Have a go at playing Alien Escape on the phonics bloom website and see how far you can go!



Play the Yes/No game. Read these sentences and decide whether you should answer yes or no.






The Oxford Owl website has a range of free E-books for you to share stories at home. Once you sign up you can access the reading library.




Read a book! A new one, a borrowed one, an old favourite, just read! Then discuss the book together (see some good questions below). If you’re not sure what a word says, sound it out or use the pictures to help you.


Reading Prompts


BEFORE READING - What can you see on the front cover? Who is the author? Who is the illustrator? Can you find the title? What does it say? What do you think is going to happen in this story?


DURING READING - What do you think will happen next? Do you know what that word/sentence says? What does that word mean? What is happening in the picture?


AFTER READING - Did you guess the ending correctly? Was that what you thought would happen? Who was your favourite character? Why? Can you tell me the story in your own words? What was your favourite part? Were there any parts you didn’t like? Why?


Have you had a look on the Class pages and listened to any of the Anasi the Spider stories. Have a listen and watch here:


Anansi and the Pot of Wisdom - Anansi the Spider Re-spun




Literacy - Weekly focus:  The Bad-tempered ladybird

This week we will be sharing a new story, The Bad-Tempered Ladybird. Have a look at the front cover of this story, what can you see? What do you predict this story will be about? Where might the story be set? What other characters may be a part of this story?

Share or watch the story of the bad-tempered ladybird

The Bad Tempered Ladybird

What did you enjoy in the story? Do you think the ladybird was kind? 


Talk to your family about what happens in the story. Write a few sentences about what you remember, you can use this template to help you:

Have a look at the life cycle of a ladybird:

The Stunning Life Cycle Of A Ladybug

The Life Cycle of a Ladybug Read Aloud

Can you create your own life cycle or use this template: 

Challenge: Can you research some facts about ladybirds. Write down 2 facts you find, why not share them in the blog so your friends can learn something new..




Maths - Weekly focus: Length, height and distance 


Warm Up: White Rose Patterns 


Share a story: Titch or Where’s my teddy

Titch by Pat Hutchins

Where's My Teddy?

Have a look at the people in your home. Who is the tallest? Who is the shortest? How do you know? Talk about the different heights of things in your home or on your local walk. Which building is the tallest? Which toy is the shortest?

Using paper, string, shoe laces, ribbon, pencils or twigs. Can you sort your objects by length? Which are the shortest, the same length and the longest? You could even write down all of your friend’s names and work out who has the shortest or longest name.


Play the Let’s compare’ game.






This week our focus is mental health and wellbeing. During this time, many of us have had to get used to social distancing and making sure we stay at least 2 metres away from other people. As some of us may be coming back to school, have a watch of this video ‘Healthy hugs’. Talk about your feelings, how do you feel staying at home or going to school again.


Click here for the : Healthy hugs lesson


Windrush Day


Take a look at these photographs, what can you see?




On Monday 22nd June, we celebrate Windrush day, this is a special day to remember all the people from the Caribbean, who were invited to the UK to help rebuild the country after the War. The Empire Windrush was the ship that carried more than 500 people from the Caribbean to the UK. People on board this ship were mainly from Jamaica, but there were also people from Poland, Trinidad and Tobago and Bermuda. Many of the Caribbean’s that came, were not treated with the respect they deserved and some British people did not want them to be here in the UK. Here are some ideas of ways that you can celebrate Windrush day at home. Remember to share your work on the school blog.


Get Creative


Design a ship


Many Caribbean’s travelled on the HMT Empire Windrush ship from Jamaica all the way the Tilbury here in England. Design your own ship, you can make a ship, use lego, draw it on paper or even on a tablet. If you were going on a long trip what would you bring with you?



What makes me special?

Many people travelling on the Windrush had skills that they could use to help them in their new life in the UK. Every person is special and has something to offer in our world today. What makes you special? What are you good at? Is there anything new that you have learnt during your time at home?

Sesame Street: What Makes You Special?

Kitchen fun


If you have loved spending time in the kitchen with your families, you could make something special for Windrush day. You could make a Jamaican ginger cake or even make a healthy carrot juice or a tropical fruit salad.


Our world

Using google maps, a globe or a picture of the world. Where are we on the map? What country do we live in? Can you find the Caribbean? Have you heard of any islands in the Caribbean?



One fact

We know that you are all great at learning new things. Why not learn one fact about the Caribbean and share it on the blog. Many passengers on the Windrush were from Jamaica. Can you find out a fact about Jamaica eg What is the national bird? What is the weather like? Or what their flag looks like?


London Is The Place For Me

Sesame Street: I'm Really Glad I'm Me





Children need regular breaks and exercise. If you have a safe outdoor space please ensure you get some fresh air and exercise. If you do not have an outdoor space try one of these videos below.

🌟 Hot Hot Hot - Just Dance Kid 🌟





Alternatively create a GoNoodle account to choose your own champion to power up by doing some different forms of exercise.

*GoNoodle is free to sign up


If you would like any other ideas of websites or activities to do with your child, please look at the ideas folders on the main home learning page.