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15th June

Good morning Nursery !


Our story this week is Oliver’s Vegetables by Vivian French  (Author) and Alison Bartlett (Illustrator) 


Before you play the story try to guess what the story is about.

  1. Look at the front page of the book  what you can see in the picture?
  2. Where is the boy?
  3. What is he holding in his hand?

Oliver's Vegetables

Here are some key questions about the story to discuss with your family.


  • Who was in the story?
  • What was Oliver looking for in the garden?
  • Do you remember what vegetables he found?
  • What was Oliver’s favourite vegetable?
  • What other vegetables did he eat at his Grandparents’ house?
  • What is your favourite vegetable?
  • Do you like chips?


Here are some more stories about Oliver.

Oliver's Fruit Salad | A Read Aloud Storybook For Kids About Healthy Eating

Oliver's Milkshake

Hold a tasting challenge!


  • When blindfolded can you guess foods purely from their taste or smell?
  • Tell your grown-ups how  it tasted and whether you liked it or not.
  • Maybe you could taste something new today! 

Talk about what other produce are made from potatoes?


Watch these videos.

Come Outside - Crisps

Auntie Mabel and Pippin visit The Golden Wonder Crisps factory, to see how crisps are made.

Come Outside - Carrots

Auntie Mabel is filling in at the school canteen, serving carrots to the children. She then explores how carrots grow and how they get from the field to the ...


This week we will be continuing to introduce the children to early phonics - letter sounds. 


In Nursery we use the Jolly Phonics rhymes and actions to help the children to remember each sound. We will introduce two sounds each week.


This week the sounds are 'G' and 'O'.


Continue practising this phonics song.

Phonics Song 2 (new version)


Watch these Jolly phonics videos regularly and practise the songs and actions.

G Jolly Phonic

O Jolly Phonic

Here are some videos to help you write the letters that match these sounds.

Get Squiggling Letters | Letter G

Squiglet loves squiggling letters and he's going to show you how to squiggle them too!

Get Squiggling Letters | Letter O

Squiglet loves squiggling letters and he's going to show you how to squiggle them too! Squiglet shows viewers how write the letters of the alphabet using his...

Remember to use your teach your monster to read programme.


Have a go at these activities:

If you are unable to print the cards  you could  cut pictures from a magazine or use some of your toys / objects from around your home.

How many things can you find which start with each letter sound?


Can you make a repeating pattern using vegetables? You could maybe paint the vegetable and print with it!

Picture 1
Picture 2


  • Can you measure 5 fruit or vegetables?
  • Order them in length from shortest to longest.
  • Choose an object to measure them with for example Lego bricks or pencils. How many Lego bricks does the carrot measure?
  • How many cars long is the banana? 
  • Draw your fruit or vegetable and write the measurement underneath.



  • Can you predict which fruit or vegetable would be the heaviest/lightest?
  • Use some scales to find out.
  • Is the longest vegetable the heaviest?
  • Can you find something else around your house that weighs the same?



Can you help to make a fruit salad or vegetable soup for your family?

What ingredients will you need?

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5

Try making some prints with different vegetables. What interesting shapes can you make ?

Try this plant science experiment it is really easy to set up and you  can observe how new life can grow from old.



  • About an inch of the top of a carrot
  • A shallow dish
  • Water



  • Chop the top off a carrot.
  • Place in a shallow dish.
  • Add enough water to cover the base of the carrot stump.
  • Monitor the water daily and water and observe it grow.

Join in with these songs

Fruit Song for Kids | The Singing Walrus

Harvest Samba

Betsy the Banana | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!