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11th May

Hello Nursery!


It's been lovely to see some of you starting to use the school blog - it would be great to see more of you using it this week to show us all the fantastic learning and activities you are doing at home!


We hope you enjoyed learning about 'The Naughty Bus' last week.


This week we are going to be looking at trains and reading a story all about going on a train ride.

The Train Ride

Why not try and learn the song as a family and sing it together?


Key Questions to discuss with your family:

  • Have you ever been on a train ride? Where did you go? What did it feel like?
  • Where would you like to go on a train?
  • Who would you visit?
  • What did you like about the story?


Here are some songs you could sing as a family:

We All Go Traveling By...

Magic Train Ride

Here are some more videos you can enjoy together

Steam Trains For Children | Gecko's Real Vehicles

The Goodnight Train

Woolly and Tig | The Steam Train

Big Cook Little Cook: Series 2: Train Driver



This week we will be continuing to introduce the children to early phonics - letter sounds. 


In Nursery we use the Jolly Phonics rhymes and actions to help the children to remember each sound. We will introduce two sounds each week.


This weeks sounds are 'T' and 'P'.


Watch these Jolly phonics videos regularly and practise the songs and actions.

Jolly Phonics - t

Jolly Phonics - p

Here are some videos to help your child write the letters that match these sounds

Get Squiggling Letters | Letter T

Get Squiggling Letters | Letter P

Here is a fun phonics song to sing together.


Can you think of anything else that begins with these sounds?

Phonics Song

If you can, download and print off this 'I Spy' activity and see how many things you can find with beginning with 't' and 'p'.



Why not have a go at practicing your pencil control and cutting skills with these worksheets?

Lay some paper on the floor and draw a train track for a train to travel along. What might your train see on its journey? Will there be any animals? Buildings? Children? What other exciting things can you think of that your train might see?


Can you make a model of a train using recycled materials, playdough or different coloured paper?



Can you make a train using lots of different 2D shapes? What shapes would make good wheels? What shape would make a good carriage?

If you have any coloured bricks or different coloured toys at home, can you find different ways to sort them?

  • Can you sort them by colour?
  • Can you sort them by size?
  • Can you create something using only 10 bricks/toys?
  • Can you write your name using your bricks/toys?
  • Can you create something using an odd number of bricks/toys?


You could also have a go at some of the activities below

Singing and Movement


Boogie Beebies - Chuffa Chuffa Chawoowoo

Yoga Time! | On the Farm

Baby Shark Dance

Shake Your Sillies Out

Brent Music Service - more music learning


Parents - watch this video to see what the BMS Music'sCool website is like, and click on this link to register for access to it.

BMS Showcase for Anson