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It's Wednesday morning and we've decided that the best way to keep warm is to walk. In fact we may make it a campaign to reduce traffic congestions - Keep Warm and Walk! 


Anyway, the walk today was a walk into history. We travelled back in time to King John's castle and explored the spot where he stayed inside his castle for months while attack after attack was launched against him. 



Picture 1
We took a walk alongside the canal and strolled by a tunnel. The tunnel is blocked up now, but it is a protected site for bats. They were all asleep which we were told was something to do with them being nocturnal. We think they were all exhausted from celebrating Halloween. That's the one time of the year bats love to party!
Picture 1
The rest of our time over the last 24 hours has been filled with activities, from low ropes, trim trails and tug of war, to chasing chickens around the field! Luckily we caught a few. Here are some of the magical moments.