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Web Lab

Anson Primary School: Web Lab 2015/16

This is the third annual coding playground at Anson Primary School. In 2013, we replicated the Chrome Web Lab at the Science Museum. In 2014, we created our own games and content in Code IT for Christmas. In 2015, it was all about being in control. The Web Lab took a break in 2016 as we focused on a Science Lab for early 2017. Web Lab returns in 2018.

Anson Web Lab 2014/15

Every year we take a whole school approach to an element of the Computing Curriculum. This is in addition to the content taught as part of our broad and balanced curriculum.

During the focus period children could be creating content, writing algorithms, inventing games or investigating hardware and software. The final part of the work is for everyone in the school to share their learning, their creations and communicate with each other. This is what an Anson Web Lab looks like.

Anson Web Lab 2013/14

In January 2013, the children at Anson Primary School began to build their own web lab. Inspired by the Google Web Lab at the Science Museum in London, the children began to create their own collaborative experiments using their own wifi and some innovative apps and websites. It was all about creating content rather than passively absorbing it. The results were amazing as every child in the school, aged 4 to 11, walked through the doors of the Lab.