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It's Tuesday morning and we're up early to have breakfast.

It's going to be an exciting day so


Even though the sun is shining,

Humidity is sliding

The thermometer's getting low

According to all sources

The field's the place to go. 

Cause today for the first time, just about half-past ten,

For the first time in history

We're feeding animals in their pen.

River Study


It might be chilly, but down by the river it's perfect weather for a little bit of water study. This morning we headed down to a lovely little spot where the sunlight casts a dappled shade over the gentle flowing water of the river. 


However, there was no time for soaking up the beauty, we were here to work. We've waded through the river to take some data on the depth of the river. We've also taken some samples to check for life in the river. There were no crocodiles, but plenty of water boatmen and mayfly. We've also been testing the speed of the river. It flow pretty quickly for such a small piece of water. In fact, it is the perfect spot for a little Poohsticks!