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So before we begin with the delights of Thursday let's just recap on the events of last night. Every night we have activities, but last night was the dreaded night walk. Of course, the whole reason we brought our torches was for the night walk, so imagine our surprise when the leaders told us to turn them off. Well, it turns out it is VERY dark in the countryside. There is no London glow, just darkness everywhere. 


While this is scary, it is also amazing. You can see so many stars in the sky and you can hear so many animals. You an also hear the M3 motorway, which does spoil the atmosphere a little.


We then headed to the old air raid shelter to explore and tell scary stories. It was brilliant and walking through the shelter was very exciting. 


So, after a scary night we woke up this morning and headed back to the woods for Survival Day. The tasks are simple.


Make fire. 

Make shelter. 


Should be simple for a few children from the city. We'll upload the results as soon as they are ready!