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Highbury blog - Tuesday 4th July 2017

Written by Fajr.

This week year 6 have been planning for their awesome event Loose Change Lunch Time.

There are a different variety of stalls waiting for you to come and visit. We have three fun filled days arriving very soon, so bring your loose change. The stalls have been shared between Highbury and Primrose. Want to know what were getting up to? Well, we’re planning our amazing stalls for you. Remember to bring your loose change on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.


Sports week was an amazing entertaining week for all of us all we enjoyed rock climbing and a special shout out to Mr Ahmed for doing 16 football lessons in the hot boiling sun! Year six were looking forward to sports day and had a lot of fun doing these active sports activities: Discus, Javelin , Parachute, Relay , Long Jump and Triple Jump .

We also went to a museum and learnt a lot about fossil; we even went in an earthquake simulator and experienced an earthquake. Mariam said, “I finally experienced how it feels to be in an earthquake, it was terrifying!”